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Bluenose Inn and Suites landlord appeals tenant’s win after renoviction

A Halifax-area landlord is taking a former tenant to small claims court after he was ordered to pay more than $13,000 for an illegal renoviction.

Residential tenancies officer Jason Warham ordered John Ghosn, owner of Bluenose Inn and Suites on the Bedford Highway, to pay Brandy McGuire after she was evicted from the building last spring.

McGuire was given notice just after the provincial government enacted new rules under the Residential Tenancies Act around renoviction.

Under section 10AB-AD, tenants have to agree in writing to a renoviction, they must be given three months notice, and they must be compensated between one and three months rent, depending on the size of the building. If they can’t reach an agreement with tenants, landlords are required to apply to evict tenants. There’s extra compensation owed to tenants if landlords don’t follow these rules. …[Read More]