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Province takes next step in creating enforcement unit for rental disputes

Minister Colton LeBlanc says his department has put out a tender for an external consultant

The provincial department in charge of Nova Scotia’s Residential Tenancies Program is looking for a way to more effectively enforce its rules.

On Wednesday, Colton LeBlanc, the minister responsible, told CBC News his department put out a tender looking for a consultant to plan a compliance and enforcement division within the Residential Tenancies Program.

LeBlanc said department staff have looked at other regions, including British Columbia and Ontario, which have standalone residential tenancies enforcement units.

“I have a strong desire of certainly improving the enforcement mechanism under the [Residential Tenancies] Act,” Leblanc said in an interview Wednesday. “We’ve heard from opposition, heard from stakeholders from both the tenant and landlord communities of the need and the desire to have an enforcement branch within the Residential Tenancies Program.” …[Read More]