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Tenant evicted from condemned Halifax apartment gets another hearing in the new year

Tenant wants fines against landlord

Stacey Gomez and Marcus Ranjbar will be back before a residential tenancies officer in January.

The tenant and landlord have been in a months-long dispute over a south end Halifax apartment. Ranjbar attempted to evict Gomez to complete renovations on the property, but Gomez refused to leave.

After a hearing in September, residential tenancies officer Kim Sinclair rejected Ranjbar’s application to evict Gomez. Ranjbar appealed that decision to small claims court. But before that hearing went ahead, Halifax Regional Municipality condemned the apartment due to mould. The municipality ordered Gomez to leave.

As the Halifax Examiner reported in October, Ranjbar served Gomez notice to quit based on HRM’s order to vacate. He argued that the order ended Gomez’s tenancy, and he moved her belongings out of the apartment and into storage.

In November, Gomez and her lawyer filed an application to set aside Ranjbar’s notice to quit. Gomez said there’s a new hearing scheduled for Jan. 11, 2023. …[Read More]