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‘Desperate pleas:’ Halifax university students struggling to find housing

“We’re seeing a bit more increase in housing prices, as well as some of the property owners getting out of the rental market… and engaging in other types of rental or selling family homes.”

A shortage of housing for students both on and off campus has been alarming for Nova Scotia university staff and student unions trying to help.

With only three weeks until classes start, the situation is looking grim.

President of the student union at the University of King’s College (UKC) in Halifax, Victoria Gibbs, said there are still many first-year students on the hunt for accommodations.

“They’re reaching out with desperate pleas, like, ‘Please, do you know anyone that you can connect me with? I’m looking for a roommate and I’m looking for a place to live. I can’t get in anywhere,’” said Gibbs.

“There is simply not enough housing both on campus and off campus in Halifax that’s affordable and accessible for students.” … [Read More]