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N.S. minister says international students need to take responsibility for finding housing, jobs

Brian Wong says there are unscrupulous recruiters, but universities are independent businesses

Nova Scotia’s minister of advanced education says international students need to find housing and jobs before they arrive or have enough money to support themselves when they come here.

A card shop in Sydney says it is being inundated with resumes from job-hunting foreign students, some of whom say they desperately need work to live and are being misled about the availability of housing and jobs by overseas recruiters working for Cape Breton University.

Advanced Education Minister Brian Wong says that’s got nothing to do with the province.

“There’s no doubt that there are recruiters out there that may be doing unscrupulous things and that is really unfortunate,” he told reporters after a cabinet meeting in Halifax on Thursday. “However, I do know for example that Cape Breton University has been training their recruiters to ensure that the proper information and honest information is given to students.” …[Continue Reading]